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Is There a Problem, Officer?
A Cop's Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets
“Drivers often Talk themselves Into Traffic
Tickets! You Won’t Know what to Do Until You
Know what Not to Do.”

It's Pathetic When Drivers Try to Talk an Officer Out of a
Ticket they Deserve, But it's Down Right Tragic When
Drivers Talk Themselves Into a Ticket the Officer Initially
Intended as a Warning.
Steve Pomper's book may well save you a ticket, or it
might just save your life. We all slow down when we see a cop talking to a driver he's
pulled over because we're curious. Now, read about what really goes on. You will be
surprised and if  those of you who view traffic stops with
annoyance, impatience and, even anxiety, will pay attention to the advice offered here,
I think you'll pay fewer fines and avoid racking up so many dings on your
driving record. This is also a great read--full of anecdotes that will make you laugh,
gasp, and understand both cops and other drivers much better! I'm surprised that no
one thought of this idea before; it's a natural. After you
read this, the sight of whirling blue bubble lights in your rear view mirror won't be
nearly so scary. As an ex-cop myself, I know that men and women in law enforcement
want first to protect the rest of us, and Pomper has done that with his writing as well
as with his badge. I love this book!"

--Ann Rule
Author of Green River, Running Red, Small Sacrifices, and Too Late to Say
I'm surprised that no one thought of this idea before; it's a natural. - Ann Rule
I don’t know about you but, in my driver’s education course back in
high school, I don’t remember one iota of instruction on the proper way
to behave if pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation.

My kids, who’ve taken driver’s ed much,
much more recently than I,
told me they received no instruction on this either. In fact, I haven’t
found anyone who'd gotten more than a cursory, two-minute or less
discussion on the issue.

Cops expect a certain behavior from citizens, but without the specific
education, how is a motorist supposed to know what’s really expected
of them?

That’s only one reason you need this book.
Is There a Problem, Officer?
will teach you how to behave to increase your odds of receiving a
warning for a minor traffic violation rather than a ticket.

Drivers don’t know what they don’t know, and they won’t know what
to do until they learn what not to do.
Is There a Problem Officer? is not just a textbook on how to better avoid traffic
tickets, it is an astute, well-written, and entertaining read containing actual stories
that are both humorous and poignant. I looked forward to reading it each night.
Officer Steve Pomper's book will not only go a long way toward improving
communication between police officers and drivers, it will also better educate the
public on the daily stress and difficulties officers confront trying to keep us safe. It
should be mandatory reading material in every driver's education class in America.

--Robert Dugoni
--New York Times Bestselling
author of The Jury Master and Damage Control
It should be mandatory reading material in every driver's education class
in America.
--Robert Dugoni
"This book could be called, The Zen of the Traffic Ticket." -Lowen Clausen
Author of First Avenue and other books is a former police officer.
Traffic Stops span the societal spectrum; regardless of your status in society
anyone can get stopped at any time; from folks like, Bill Gates and Paris
Hilton to your poor Uncle Dexter who lives in a converted, tie-dyed VW
hippie bus and eats dry ramen noodles. And these stops often happen when
we least expect them.

The traffic stop is the most common interaction between police and normally
law abiding citizens, and misunderstandings often cause unnecessary bad
feelings between cops and motorists--and unnecessary tickets.

Drivers think they know what to do when stopped, but add nerves, fear,
and ego to the mix, and we act in ways that leave our wallets as thin as our
attitude toward the cop who wrote the ticket, and often cops in general. It
doesn't have to be that way.

Learn the following:

  • When Stopped it's Not Time to Argue or Debate.
  • Actions and Words that Can Virtually Guarantee You a Ticket?
  • Do Hot Girls Ever get Tickets?

From how to behave on a traffic stop to up your chances of getting a
warning, to helping elderly drivers decide when it's time to hang up the
keys, to how to handle road rage, (yours or others),
Is There a Problem,
is an indispensable resource to keep in your glove compartment.
***A Wonderful Gift for the Ticket-Magnet in Your Family.***
Through Hilarious and Serious Cop Stories that'll Split Your Sides and Make You Think,
You'll See a Cop's Job Like You've Never Seen it Before.
If You’re a Driver who Wants to Avoid Traffic
Tickets; if You’re a Citizen who Really Wants to
Know how Cops Think; if You're Interested in
Learning the Cop's Point of View, Then this Book is
Definitely for You.